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Scientology was invented by a gentleman named Lafayette Ron Hubbard, far better known as L. Ron Hubbard. Born in Montana in 1911, Hubbard attended George Washington University in 1930-32, but dropped out to pursue other interests.

He married and became a author, producing in genres from western to horror to science fiction. Hubbard designed an curiosity in exploring and was elected to the Explorer’s Club in 1940. Throughout the winter season of 1940–41, Hubbard obtained licensures as a Learn of Steam and Motor Vessels, and Master of Sail Vessels.

This lent alone to Hubbard’s service throughout WWII in naval intelligence in Australia and aboard several vessels near the American coast. The stop of the war discovered Hubbard a affected person at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California, struggling from war-connected conditions.

Throughout this time, Hubbard began contemplating about the human issue and determined to undertake a quest to uncover a “science of the head.” test osobnosti From this quest arrived the creation of Scientology.

In 1950, Hubbard launched his suggestions definitively to the world in the sort of his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Why Was Scientology Invented?
Hubbard considered the basic theory of human existence is survival. Factors that direct to survival are excellent and pleasurable, whilst items that are counter-survival will be unfavorable. A standard, analytical brain, he considered, will make good survival conclusions.

Even so, Hubbard contends, when a head is not working correctly, the reactive head will take over and produce adverse photos known as engrams. Bad engrams can even be remaining above from past lives.

Hubbard considered individuals require to confront and eradicate these engrams to return to the way a mind must operate, and he designed Scientology for this objective.

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